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♡ Leah Allyannah ♡


If I had an endless amount of materials I'd probably buy the best cameras and camera equiptment out there. Currently and for the past 8 years I have been creating beauty content on youtube. On my channel I try to inspire girls to feel beautiful in their natural skin and hair, and I have made an impact on some of my viewers. Its so encouraging when they message me and say "because of you I feel comfortable just being me". I wouldnt trade my career for anything else. Anyhow, I would hire a team, buy the best cameras and equiptment, and hire youtubers that I feel are inspiring and want to make a huge positive impact on the world and give them a space to film and work on projects. I feel that social media is a very powerful platform and majority of the youth are on it, so its important to have positive influencers but sometimes it is hard to get the best ones out there due to lack of professional equiptment and promotion. This space would be much like the Youtube Space located in NYC, LA, and CA.